BTS And TXT Compare Their First-Ever US Concert Experiences

BTS told TXT about their first-ever concert in Los Angeles.

BTS recently shared a special, rookie-era memory that proves just how far they have come.


In Episode 4 of TXT‘s reality show, ONE DREAM.TXT, BTS and TXT reunited for another Big Hit Family reunion.


After greeting each other in their typically chaotic way, BTS asked TXT how their US tour was going so far. On May 9, TXT performed their first-ever US, in New York.


The concert was a total success. According to Huening Kai, TXT “rocked” the stage!


A total of 2,100 fans attended TXT’s New York concert. That’s more than double the number of concertgoers who attended BTS’s very first concert at AX Korea, a 1,000-seat concert hall in Seoul.


Tickets to TXT’s first US concert sold out in minutes, but BTS had a much different experience. In 2014, BTS hosted a small, free concert in Los Angeles as part of their rookie reality show, American Hustle Life. The members handed out free flyers on the street.


Well, most of the members did.


Back then, BTS had a difficult time handing out flyers because they were just so embarrassed! The people BTS approached had no idea that they were talking to the future Kings of K-Pop.


BTS were happy to hear that TXT’s tour was off to such a great start. The BTS members know exactly what it’s like to be in TXT’s shoes, so they do everything they can to support them every step of the way!


For more, check out the full episode here.