BTS And TXT Will Be Promoting At The Same Time, And Everyone’s Excited For Their Interactions

Soobin will finally meet Jin, and it’ll be the best thing ever.

On the next episode of Mnet‘s MCountdown, both Big Hit Entertainment groups BTS and TXT will be performing.

BTS is promoting “Boy With Luv” while TXT will be promoting their comeback song “Cat & Dog”.

Although both groups are from the same company, there haven’t been any physical interactions between the two. And, everyone is looking forward to seeing how the groups will interact with each other.

Soobin named Jin as his idol, so how will he react when he finally meets him? If he fanboys, that would be totally understandable.

Beomgyu named V as his greatest inspiration based on the advice he’d given him. So, will he greet V super formally or like he’d seen an old friend who’d helped him?

The answers to these questions won’t be known until the episode airs, and everyone’s more than ready to see it.