BTS Unexpectedly Showed The Importance Of Seating Positions During Live Broadcasts

Jin will always be flawless no matter the situation.

BTS turned on their live broadcast while in New York to match the time in Korea for the New Year in 2020. Although it was morning for them, they made sure to come online to wish their fans in Korea a Happy New Year.

Unknowingly, BTS showed fans the importance of seating positions during online broadcasts during this time. Fans noticed that Jin was seated in the position right where the live comments popped up. They decided to take this opportunity to have fun with emoticons and Jin.

They started to use emoticons and keyboard buttons to create cute faces on Jin.

They turned him into a cute cat….

….and of him kissing a rose.

They even put a crown on his head making him ‘King Jin’.

They also made him into a ‘princess Jin’ with a flower crown.

They even made funny ones such as a pig’s nose…..

….and made a ‘baby Jin’ with a milk bottle.

They made accessories for him such as this gold medal earring….

….and even a hand sign that made it look like he was waving.

They gave him a drink because he looked thirsty.

They even gave him a new set of eyes for the broadcast.

They switched things up and gave him cute pink ribbons to create a ‘pretty boy Jin’.

Through this broadcast, BTS became the perfect example of what can happen if you sit on the left side of the screen for live streams. All in all, we know that fans did this all out of good fun. Plus, it doesn’t matter what you do to Jin’s face, he’s always going to be worldwide handsome!

It was a Happy New Year from BTS!


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