BTS’s United Nations Back-Up Dancer Discusses The Group’s Kind And Humble Personalities

It made him proud to be a fan!

BTS‘s performance at the United Nations was a life-changing moment for many people, including the backup dancers who worked with them! Longtime ARMY Brendan Morris was one of those dancers, and he recently sat down with K-Pop Jungle to talk about his experience.

Performer Brendan Morris. | @brendanamorris/Instagram

Morris is an actor, singer, and dancer based in New York City where the United Nations General Assembly was held. In the interview, he talked about how quickly it all came together, from being cast directly without an audition to getting a UN badge.

When asked about what it was like working with BTS, Morris had nothing but praise for the group for their amazing work ethic and kind personalities! He particularly recalled a moment where Jimin waved and said hello to him while they crossed paths.

Brendan Morris (right) being interviewed by Moisha, the creator of K-Pop Jungle. | K-Pop Jungle/YouTube 

While thinking back on the experience, Morris remembered how BTS would talk and joke around with the dancers! They even came together to have a dance circle where everyone freestyled.

Their energy was just so bright and so sweet and so nice and welcoming. It’s still really crazy to me ’cause not everyone is like that. That just is the industry, you know? But they really frequently took time out of their day…

[…] They would talk to us or joke with us or dance with us a lot throughout the day. They were really happy to be there and really welcoming.

— Brendan Morris

Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, V, Jimin, Jin, and RM. | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

BTS’s humble and friendly personalities definitely showed through this experience, and it made Morris feel happy to be a fan of the group.

I still think it’s crazy how sweet they were. They were like the sweetest people ever. Ever! If we paused or if we stopped and they took a break, they would always just like say thank you and they would cheer all of us on and clap for us. […] We were all like friends; it was really cool! We were all just being really friendly to each other. I thought it was really special.

— Brendan Morris

| K-Pop Jungle/YouTube 

Check out the full interview below to hear more about Brendan Morris’s experience working alongside BTS!

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