Did BTS Use An Islamic Chant In Their Song?

Some people are saying “Airplane Pt 2” used Arabic phrases.

With the release of their latest album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’, BTS have been breaking records left and right. However, there is one thing that has been a source of hot debate.


Track #8, “Airplane pt.2” has been receiving a lot of attention for its introduction, which features a high pitched voice saying, or chanting, something many people would consider inaudible.


Some people believe it to be a phrase in the Arabic language.


The reason some ARMY’s believed that BTS included an Arabic saying is because in the past, Suga believed Arabic beats would sound good in a Korean song.


On the other hand, many other ARMYs who speak the language disagree, stating there is no Arabic being spoken. Instead, they say the introduction is saying “Uno Dos Tres”, in a high-pitched, distorted voice.


Furthermore, BTS have previously stated that “Airplane pt.2” is a song that has Latin-Pop vibes, which goes along with the introduction being in Spanish.


There is also confusion amongst listeners due to the similarities in scales that Spanish-Latin Pop and Arabian Pop use.


Even if it was an Arabic chant, the chant itself was not religious in any way. Instead, the included line is part of a common chant, normally performed at weddings.