Nobody Was Feeling Usher’s “Yeah!” More Than BTS

BTS let their inner fanboys party on New Year’s Eve.

If you want to see BTS‘s best clubbing moves, just say the magic words: “Peace up, A-Town down”.


BTS are huge Usher fans, and one of their favorite Usher songs is everybody’s favorite Usher song, “Yeah!”. There’s just something about this bop that makes you want to move!


Like all Usher fans, BTS must drop everything and get down when “Yeah!” plays. During Usher’s New Year’s Eve stage in Times Square, bobbed like that guy everybody notices at the club. Meanwhile, Jungkook did the classic “I’m having fun but also freezing to death” dance…


RM brought his famous “face dancing” back…


…and Jimin?


Jimin was definitely feeling himself!


Speaking of feeling himself, check out Jin. He went all out for the chorus!


See more of their club moves here: