BTS Have Been Using These Pastel-Colored Bowls For Years, Here’s Why

They mean more to both BTS and ARMYs.

Since debut, BTS moved dorms several times, with each move being into a space that is bigger and better. While the members continued to upgrade their lifestyles befitting their global success, one thing has remained untouched throughout the years – and that is their absolute favorite set of pastel-colored bowls.


This set of colorful bowls dates all the way back to 2014, to their 300th day together post-debut. To celebrate their 1st anniversary as a group, BTS held a party at the dorm. Jin cooked for the members and served delicious Korean dishes in these pastel bowls.


The bowls came from their loyal fans who have supported them since day 1. As a part of the “birthday gift” for the members, ARMYs sent this 4-piece set udon bowls.

They’re going to need bowls to put their food in.



Then in 2018, by the time they moved in to their 4th and latest dorm of Hannam The Hill apartments, Jin was spotted cooking in the kitchen again – and the camera caught these bowls still safely stored in the cabinet!


The idea of the members packing these bowls with them wherever they went made ARMYs ugly cry out of pure love. Here’s Jin using the 4-year-old (at the time) udon bowl that survived all the move-outs and move-ins:


Fans were incredibly happy to see that the bowls have stuck around all these years. ARMYs know though, that after all, BTS love their fans so dearly and would never have thought to toss the gifts away. The pastel bowls are now a symbol of the strong and deep connection between the members and the fans!

Source: THEQOO