BTS’s V Accidentally Hit A Cameraman And His Reaction Is Everything 

A cameraman became a casualty when V played tennis on set.

It’s all fun and games until picks up a racket!

In Episode 116 of Run BTS!BTS played at their own personal arcade while taking a break between team-building challenges. This Prince of Tennis was ready to go, not knowing that his one-on-none match would become a dangerous game.

V accidentally hit the ball at a cameraman, and an entire rollercoaster of emotions flashed across his face.

Like a kid begging forgiveness, V immediately fell to his knees, apologizing.

He kept saying sorry as he retrieved the ball…

…then decided to put his racket away for everyone’s safety.

Unfortunately, Jimin didn’t get that memo. At the time, he was busy wailing on a Whack-a-Mole game.

A little while later, Jimin learned that table tennis is actually an extreme sport. His ball suddenly decided it was on Team Jin. What a traitor!


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