BTS’ V Adorable Photos Captures the Hearts of Fans Everywhere

Fans all over the world couldn’t get enough of BTSV‘s adorable photos and these pictures show just how much he adores and loves his fans.

After winning various awards at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards, V was spotted sending thanking his fans with hearts. These adorable photos of V’s physical manifestation of his love for ARMYs.

Check out the adorable pictures of V showing his love below:

V doesn’t miss a moment of sending love to his fans. Fans even got a sneaky Jimin in the process.
After having a big night at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards, V made sure to let his fans know how much their support meant to him with his heart pose.
V’s adorable smile just makes the photo even more adorable.
Maybe even too adorable for Jimin to handle.

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