BTS’s V Always Brings His Superstar Attitude, It Shows

He was born to be this fabulous.

BTS is now a globally renowned K-Pop group and the members have performed on several international stages, but such was not always the case. All BTS members have their fair share of embarrassing, nerve-wrecking rookie moments – that is, except V. Since day one, V has been all about the superstar energy and ARMYs are convinced that he was born the ultimate K-Pop idol!


1. Debut Day

This is V on the day of BTS’s official debut on Music Bank. For a rookie idol group member, V seems extremely veteran at posing for the camera. The flood of flashlights has no impact on V here, while he simply glows with the bad boy vibe. No one would believe this is a day old rookie – not with that energy in those eyes.


2. First BBMAs

By 2017, V was at the Billboard Music Awards. When BTS was called to receive the Top Social Artist award, V was the first to walk up to the camera and interact with it. To this day, ARMYs can’t quite grasp how V seems so calm and collected here, as if winning is an everyday thing for him and he’s a regular at the BBMAs. Try to keep in mind this is V’s first time winning an award in the United States, when no other K-Pop artist has done so.


3. Paparazzis at the Jimmy Kimmel Show Rehearsal

V’s superstar attitude shines most when he deals with paparazzi cameras. At BTS’s first Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, V was spotted acknowledging some paparazzis with his signature pose. While V didn’t know these were paparazzis, he really couldn’t care less. It only mattered that the cameras were looking at him, and so he did what any hot shot would naturally do; playfully throw up a peace sign like no big deal.


4. First AMAs

By this point in V’s career, ARMYs realized that for him, the larger the scale, the bigger the energy. Fans clearly remember this “DNA” performance at the AMAs because V looked nothing short of pure perfection.

While the fans watching had a million butterflies in their stomachs, because it was the AMAs after all, V had no problem enjoying himself on stage with an incredible presence like never before.


5. Befriending Ellen

V may not have spoken the perfect level English in 2017, but that couldn’t stop him from having a blast on the Ellen Show. When BTS appeared on set, V was beyond comfortable and completely his silly self. Eventually, ARMYs were left with this very precious GIF of V being 200% V on American television. To this day, ARMYs aspire to be that brilliantly confident. There is no anxiety or nervousness here; it is all sass and awesomeness.


6. America’s Got V’s Smirk

By 2018, V has actually enchanted the the whole world so that he simply smirks on stage and it becomes “the most talked about moment”. When V was caught on camera after performing “Idol” on America’s Got Talent, it instantly went viral. Take a look at the explosive energy that is captured here.


ARMYs can’t help but agree that V was simply born with it all – the talent, the looks, and the attitude of a superstar. It only makes sense the world is so madly in love with him.

Source: THEQOO