BTS’s V Playfully Challenged Big Hit Entertainment To Step Up Its Game

ARMY feels that V deserves a particular award, and he agrees!

BTS‘s V is a winner, and he absolutely knows it.

Whenever a Weverse notification pops up on ARMY’s phones, there’s a 90% chance it’s because of V. He loves to chat, play games with, and tease fans in his free time, visiting the app nearly every day.

That level of dedication deserves an Attendance Award like this one, given to Jin in 2019.

Recently, a fan decided to take matters into their own hands by making V an ARMY-bestowed certificate featuring Yeontan“Taehyung-ssi,” they wrote. “I present you with an Attendance Award.” 

In reply, V wrote, “Big Hit, are you seeing this?” 

Another fan added to the fun by writing, “Hey, BigHit, give him prize money along with the award.” 

“You’re watching this, right?” V replied.

In addition to a certificate and prize money, V needs one more thing. “BigHit, give him a trophy too,” this fan said.

In reply, V playfully challenged Big Hit Entertainment with the Weverse equivalent of “let’s take this outside.” “Big Hit,” he wrote, “do you have confidence!!” 

After all that, V should be getting his Attendance Award (and all its perks) ASAP!