BTS’s V Becomes First Korean Solo Artist To Top Japan’s iTunes Top Songs Chart

Just another thing to add to V’s list of achievements!

BTS V’s “Sweet Night” topped Japan’s iTunes Top Song Chart, becoming the only song in iTunes history to hit number one in 114 countries.

While it is common for a Korean artist to promote their Japanese album in Japan, V has become the first Korean solo artist to top the Japan’s iTunes Top Song Chart with a song that was released in Korea.

| starnews

Twipple, Japan’s Twitter ranking site, ranked V at number eight for the popularity ranking for the first half of 2020, proving V’s popularity in Japan once again.

Popular Japanese portal site Biglobe stated, “BTS’s V is leaving his name in history as his solo track ‘Sweet Night’ receives tremendous popularity.”

He has also topped charts in Germany with V’s solo track “Inner Child” ranking at number two on the Top Song Chart in the U.K. Thus, V has become the first Korean artist to take both the number one and two spots on a U.K. chart.

As of August 1, BTS’s track “Your Eyes Tell” joins V’s “Sweet Night” as the only songs by an Asian act to achieve an iTunes ‘all-kill’ on the charts! Way to go for BTS!

Source: starnews