V Named This MC As BTS’s Best Interviewer And Fans 100% Agree

V told her she is the “best announcer” BTS have had for an interview.

From the red carpet to backstage, BTS have been interviewed countless times at award shows, but according to V, one particular MC has stood out to them.


JTBC announcer Song Min Gyo, who also goes by the name Christine Song, has been responsible for interviewing BTS at the Golden Disc Awards…


…for the past two years.


During this year’s interview, Song Min Gyo did a phenomenal job of leading the interview with the perfect blend of poise and humor.


She matched BTS’s energy, followed their rhythm, and made everyone feel comfortable. Even Jungkook, who is often noticeably shy during interviews, joked around with her…


…and couldn’t wait to get his hands on the mic!


Midway through the interview, V took a moment to compliment Song Min Gyo on her great interviewing skills. He said she is the “best announcer” BTS has seen so far.


The members joked around, saying that V would hurt the other MCs’ feelings, but fans agree that Song Min Gyo really is the best.


It turns out that Song Min Gyo is just as big a fan of BTS as they are of her. Not long after the interview, she posted the following selfie on Instagram and thanked Jin for “awarding” the trophy to her.


To see the entire backstage interview, check out the video here.


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