This Is BTS V’s ₩5.1 Billion KRW Luxury Apartment View

Shocking, like its price.

Last year, BTS‘s V made headlines for purchasing an apartment in Samsung-dong, Gangnam, for ₩5.1B KRW (approximately $4.55M USD).

He reportedly paid for the 282.73㎡ apartment outright in cash without taking out a loan.

Recently, various online community posts have shared pictures of the luxury apartment’s view.

V’s view when looking out the window would be of the beautiful Han River, one of the top attractions in South Korea.

The apartment, with its multiple wide glass windows, has a panoramic view of the Han River.

Completed in 2008, the building reportedly houses only 17 apartments, making it an easy choice if one prioritizes privacy.

The luxuriousness and privacy it offers have attracted not just V but also other top celebrities, such as actors Lee Byung Hun and Jang Dong Gun.

Watch an apartment tour in the same building below.

Source: Insight