BTS’s V Went Back To Black For The Fact Music Awards And ARMYs Are Stunned

V’s new black hair is causing a stir.

BTS‘s V has a chic, new look that’s receiving high praise from fans.


On April 24, K-Pop’s hottest stars graced the red carpet ahead of first-ever The Fact Music Awards at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. When BTS arrived, ARMYs immediately noticed V’s striking change in hair color.


For months, V’s hair has been bright and bold. Most recently, he dyed it bright blue for BTS’s comeback, but before that it was mint green, cherry red, blonde, and various shades of pink.


Now, V has gone back to a natural black that gives him a sexy, mature vibe.


Some fans are having a hard time believing that blue-haired V and black-haired V are the same person…


…because they have totally different auras!


Between his dark hair and stylish suit, V looks like a young CEO who stepped right out of a K-Drama.


V changes his hair color often, so let’s enjoy the black while it lasts!