BTS V’s Black Versus Colored Hair Is The Toughest Choice You’ll Have To Make Today

V stands for Visual, in case you didn’t know.

If there is one thing BTS fans can agree on, it’s that V stands for Visual. His symmetrical face, boxy smile, and charming boyish look make him stand out in the K-Pop scene.

Not all V stans can agree however, on this one thing: which hair color fits him best. Some believe he looks best in black while others prefer his popular colored hairstyles. Look below to pick which color you think V rocks best!


1. With his Adonis Pose

2. With this intense stare

3. With his cute smile and small wave

4. With his nerdy glasses

5. With this relaxed state

6. With his charismatic dancing

7. With this iconic look

Now take a look at the other option!


1. With his intense stare

2. With his colored lenses

3. With this rude thumb bite

4. With this sassy hair fix

5. With his stare down

6. With his otherworldly blue eyes

7. With his faraway stare

V definitely pulls off any hair color in every situation!

Source: TheQoo