BTS’s V Once Borrowed His Fansite’s Camera, Here’s What Happened To His Photos

One luckily fansite made the memories of a lifetime with V.

Photographer Vante, aka BTS‘s V, loves to snap photos, and his members are his models of choice!

Over the years, V has collected a number of cameras, but he’ll happily borrow a fan’s if given the chance.

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Back in 2015, a V fansite by the name of To My Darling V lent her DLSR camera to V at a fan sign. Another V fansite, Meant to V, snapped this photo of V using it…

…to take these photographs of Jungkook.

He also took one of the back of Suga‘s head, because why not?

What happened to the photos? To My Darling V included them in an exhibit, and gave credit where credit was due: “Photo by TT.”

It was a beautiful way to share a special moment with fellow ARMYs. Art like this deserves to be displayed!