BTS’s V Gave This Idol Fanboy A Gift, Now He Carries It Everywhere

He keeps this present close to his heart.

BTS‘s V gave one of his biggest fans, The Boyz‘s Younghoon, a special present that’s melting fans’ hearts.


The B already know how much Younghoon admires his sunbae. In the past, he has called V his role model, and he dedicated a video letter to him.


Both Younghoon and his fans were overjoyed when this The Boyz x BTS group photo was taken at the Melon Music Awards. In it, Younghoon is standing right beside his idol!


Recently, Younghoon revealed that V gave him a BT21 TATA plushie. Now, he takes it with him everywhere!


It’s clear from this video how much the gift (and the gift giver) mean to him…


…so let’s hope V and Younghoon can meet up more in the future!