BTS V Was Captured Staring Into The Camera And Dispatch Fangirled

BTS’s V was just casually on his way to fly away to L.A. for American Music Awards 2017 and a few big name TV shows.

And when he looked straight at the cameras, Dispatch couldn’t not fangirl over him.

In between comments on BTS’s schedule in the U.S., Dispatch showed their love for V in their captions to the photos.

“That fatal look.”

— Dispatch

Praising V’s choice of colorful cardigan and scarf combination, Dispatch captioned

“A photoshoot all by myself.”

— Dispatch

That look does make it look as though he’s looking right back at the viewer, making their hearts throb!

“Bewitching girls’ hearts ~”

— Dispatch

Dispatch and other fans will have to wait till V returns with other BTS members after appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, James Corden’s Late Late Show, others in the U.S. before they can see him in person again!