Here’s Why Fans Were Shocked by V’s Face in the Recent “Run BTS!” Episode

V must not be human.

In the recently uploaded Run BTS! 2019 – EP.72, the members played a game of Mafia during which BTS‘s V drew particular attention with his face.

For this game of Mafia, J-Hope was the spy, and the rest of the members received missions to trick J-Hope.

When V received his mission, he had just come out of the shower and his hair wasn’t even dry yet.

After seeing V’s freshly washed face, fans compared his visuals to how he looked 4 years ago, which was during BTS’s “I NEED U”.

Despite it being 4 years later, V looks just as young and handsome as if he just doesn’t age no matter how much time goes by.

This recent revelation just goes to show that V is not only stunningly good-looking, but he also ages at a different pace than the average human.



Source: Dispatch