BTS’s V Confesses Why He Honestly Admires Jungkook — And Honestly, Can You Blame Him?

V didn’t hold back in saying his honest opinion about Jungkook.

The close friendship between BTS‘s and Jungkook is truly a delightful sight to see.



ARMYs treasure the relationship between these two members of the maknae line because it’s such a wonderful thing that they’re such close friends, even though their personalities are different.

Jungkook is an introvert who prefers to recharge and boost his energy by spending time with himself.

Alternatively, V is an extrovert whose outgoing personality allows him to make friends with different people of different walks of life.

Perhaps this is why Jungkook is thankful to V for talking to him and befriending him when he was still struggling to come out of his shell?

Little did Jungkook know that V would talk about his admiration for him one day — during a heart-to-talk interview!

According to V, he admires Jungkook because he tries to do several things instead of just focusing on one skill.

V admires the fact that Jungkook is open to trying different activities in an effort to go out of his comfort zone and challenge himself.

For V, the most notable thing about Jungkook is his level of expertise, even when he’s simply a beginner.

He thinks that Jungkook, unlike other people, starts at an above average level in any area.

V also took the opportunity to list out several talents that Jungkook has:

For example, like drums. He already has a sense of rhythm, so he’s able to play them well.

– V, talking about Jungkook’s talent

He does amazingly in beat-box, too.

– V, talking about Jungkook

Composing, writing lyrics, singing, filming and so on…

– V listing down Jungkook’s talents

V concluded his compliment by simply saying that Jungkook is extremely multi-talented.


He’s the type of person who has outstanding basic talents.

– V complimenting Jungkook

Reading all about V’s honest opinion of Jungkook makes you think there’s a reason why he’s such a treasured member of the group, right? It’s because he has a pure heart that seeks to see the good in everyone.

Maybe that’s why J-Hope and Jimin did this to him when he was crying?

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