BTS’s V Was Once Conscious About His Hair… And The Members Made The Most Heartwarming Comments

V got conscious because of some “fans.”

The BTS members are each other’s biggest supporters, and they once showered V with love when he was conscious about his hair.

BTS’s Jimin

During a fansign, V was asked, “Until when are you going to grow your hair? I love everything that you do, even if you go bald or anything.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube 

At the time, V had a mullet, and he shared that he got a variety of responses from fans when he revealed it. Some people liked V’s mullet, and some didn’t, which caused V to get conscious about his hair.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube  

Once V revealed this, the members were surprised, as V usually doesn’t care about what other people think about him.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube  

V then revealed that he had received some letters from “fans” who asked him to cut his hair, which caused him to become conscious about his hair. Due to him getting conscious, V started cutting his hair little by little.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube  

After V revealed this, the members started telling him that he didn’t need to cut his hair and that he could do whatever he wanted. Jimin also asked V to grow his hair until it got to his waist!

| Yoonki Min/YouTube  

Here’s the full video below!


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