BTS’s V Can Do This Cool Ear Trick But No, It’s Not Because He’s A Dog Undercover


Fans have long since noticed that BTS‘s V and his Pomeranian Yeontan have a list of similarities. From being way too fluffy cute to having an endless amount of affection for the members, V and Yeontan have always been like one soul in two bodies.


Fans have also noticed that V has a habit of moving his ears – like Yeontan does when he’s trying to focus and pick up on sounds.


V can also move his ears back and forth and is often seen on camera while doing so. ARMYs are in love with V’s quirky little habit that makes him resemble Yeontan even more so!


Look how V’s ears pull backward as he remains focused on what he’s doing, but tries to pick up on the sounds around him.


As easy as it is to believe V is actually a huge golden retriever in disguise as a global K-Pop prince, or even that he is Yeontan’s twin trying to take them both to stardom, there is a scientific explanation for how V is doing this.


He’s using his extremely well developed auricular muscles, which are these three-part fan-shaped muscles around the ear. These muscles, while they lost their uses for humans over evolution, do help animals in the wild hear and hunt better.


For V, he hasn’t completely lost his control over these muscles and their uses have remained developed. That’s why V can move his ears and only his ears, like dogs do!


Fans can’t help but UWU at the fact that even V’s ear muscles are extraordinary!

Source: THEQOO