BTS’s V Reveals Why He Cried A Lot During His Early Trainee Days

V later got used to this.

Being a K-Pop trainee isn’t easy, and during BTS‘s guest appearance in tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, V revealed that he cried a lot during his early trainee days.


During BTS’s trainee days, there were many trainees at Big Hit Music (BTS’s agency), and they all lived in the same dorm and built a bond with each other. However, if a trainee was told, “Come to the company building,” it most likely meant that their time as a trainee was over.

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V shared that he would cry when trainees got cut in his early trainee days since he built such a good friendship with all of them.

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However, after seeing trainees leave so often, V got used to it. During V’s later days as a trainee, if a trainee were about to leave, he would shake their hand and tell them they worked hard.

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Here’s the full video below!