When BTS’s V Broke Down In Tears, Jimin Comforted Him In A Special Way

“My baby.” — Jimin

During Episode 6 of Bon Voyage, Jimin helped V get through an emotional moment in a very touching way.


Shortly before filming began for Season 3 of BTS‘s travel-reality show, V’s grandfather passed away. As such, V did not join his members for their Malta vacation until shortly after his grandfather’s funeral.


Many fans believe his loved one’s passing may be part of the reason why V broke down in tears one night. Another reason could be Suga‘s absence.


In a previous episode, Suga revealed that he would be leaving the show early, due to personal reasons. Season 3 is the first Bon Voyage that does not feature all 7 members in every episode.


As soon as Jimin and J-Hope realized V was crying, they immediately stopped what they were doing to check on him.


When they found him sitting alone, in tears, J-Hope sat beside V while Jimin hugged V from behind.


As if this wasn’t touching enough, Jimin affectionately called V “내 새끼”, “my baby”, on his way over to him. This term of endearment is used by parents when referring to their children in a fond manner.


After being comforted by his friends, V got up to take a look at the beautiful red moon.


Even then, Jimin continued to take care of V. He held him for a while, joked with him about the music playing, and caressed V’s hair.


To see more of this heartwarming moment, check out the clips here…


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