BTS V Seen Crying After Heated Argument With Jin Backstage

V and Jin got into an argument about their choreography minutes before showtime.

During BTS‘s 2017 Wings tour, Jin and V had a pre-show argument that left both members nearly too emotional to perform.


The fight was included in episode 4 of Burn the Stage, BTS’s candid, behind the scenes documentary.

Since BTS always strives to show their best side to fans, this may have been the first time A.R.M.Y witnessed such a heated exchange between the members.


The argument began minutes before showtime, after RM brought up a timing flaw in the choreography.

BTS’s complex choreography depends on all seven members moving in sync, but outside factors such stage size can add additional challenges.


RM said that the gap between him and Jungkook was too large. V realized that to fill this gap, he would need to move from his current stage position to position “two”. In order to get himself to his place on time, V told Jin that he would need to pick up the pace to get to position “one”.

When Jin told V that he had trouble judging the distances between markers, V told him it did not matter and that he needed to be at “one”, regardless.


V suggested that Jin run faster to get to his mark, since V can only start running once Jin does. In reply, Jin said that he was already running as fast as he could.


When V refused to drop the subject, Jin became frustrated. Jin demanded to know why V kept complaining when he was already doing his best.


V insisted that he wasn’t complaining, and continued to offer suggestions, which only made Jin more upset.


Again, Jin insisted that he couldn’t possibly run any faster, and told V to take smaller strides. V agreed to do this but still insisted that Jin take less time getting ready to move from one position to the next.


When Jin again said that he couldn’t speed things up, V took the argument a step too far.

At this point, the other members joined in, hoping to defuse the room’s growing tension.


As BTS’s leader, RM told V and Jin to get their acts together because the problem wasn’t one that could be solved before the show.


After RM intervened, Jin was quick to apologize and comfort V, who was on the brink of tears.


By showtime, both V and Jin were still visibly upset and the issue hadn’t been resolved, but they managed to put their differences on hold.


RM reminded both members that they needed to put the show before themselves, for their fans’ sake.


V and Jin, being the professionals they are, did their best to put the argument out of mind, but ill feelings still lingered. Just before going on stage, RM hugged an emotional V…


…and gave all of BTS a much-needed pep talk.


After the concert, BTS gathered in their hotel room to address V and Jin’s pre-show argument. Jimin, in particular, tried to see the problems from both sides and gave his own insight into the matter.

He reminded both parties about the importance of respect.


V apologized to Jin for acting “selfishly” and for talking to Jin with a disrespectful attitude. Jin, in turn, apologized to V for not listening to his advice. He also explained why he reacted to it the way that he had.


After the other members left, V and Jin had a private heart-to-heart where they talked about how they could be more considerate of each other, to prevent future arguments.


V wiped away tears as Jin revealed how he struggles to stay upbeat and positive, but does so for the sake of his members.


After they had finished talking, V proposed that he and Jin should have a drink at another time, and Jimin came back into the room to usher them off to bed.

Jin jokingly told Jimin to stop butting in, but both he and V seemed relieved to put the matter behind them.


Later, during private interviews, V and Jin shared their final thoughts on the argument. Jin said that one of BTS’s strengths is their ability to sit down and talk about their problems.


V said that, in the end, he feels that the fight made them closer than ever.


After more than five years of friendship, V and Jin refuse to let anything, even their own differences, come between them.


The full Burn the Stage episode can be found on YouTube Red.