BTS V’s Cute Hack For Covering Up His Blemish Boosts His Visual Even More

What an adorable idea!

At BTS‘s concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, V appeared with a smiley face on his cheek — and while ARMYs were curious, they thought it was a part of the look for the night.


It turned out, the smiley face was actually a hack to covering up a small pimple that had popped up on V’s cheek!


V normally has a single freckle on his cheek…


… and when he noticed the blemish, he darkened the spot and turned it into another freckle.


But by the end of the night, V had added a “mouth” between the two dots, creating the most adorable smiley face on the face of the planet!


After the concert, V tweeted on BTS’s official Twitter account a picture snapped with his “blemish” smiley and made ARMYs drop all their UWUs.


Looks like for V, even a blemish can only make him a million times cuter!

Source: THEQOO