V Gave His Dad A Mission At BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE” Seoul Concert

BTS’s parents were at the show.

BTS had much to accomplish at their latest concerts–singing, dancing, sending ARMY into cardiac arrest–but they weren’t the only ones on a “mission!”

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On March 10, 12, and 13, thousands of K-ARMYs flocked to the Olympic Stadium in Seoul to see BTS live in person after two years of on-tact concerts.


Among these fans were the OG-est of OG ARMYs: BTS’s parents. During one concert, V took a moment to give his dad a shoutout — and a very important task!

V’s father | Weverse

“Dad!” he called out, “Please greet Hoseokie hyung’s dad!” By the sounds of it, V’s father and J-Hope‘s father might have been seatmates at the show.

Although the cameras didn’t pan to the parents’ reactions (a pity indeed), J-Hope can be heard cracking up in the background of this clip. That’s true friendship, right there!

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