BTS V’s Dance Break Is Iconic, But Many Fans Still Haven’t Seen It

This legendary moment confirmed that he belonged in the dance line.

In six short years, BTS‘s V has appeared in hundreds of video clips, so even the most diehard fans may have missed a few.


One of these all-but-forgotten videos is from January 23, 2016. On this day, BTS put on a killer dance show to Chase & Status‘ “Hypest Hype” at the 2015 KBS Song Festival. This supercharged performance kicks off with dance king J-Hope at center…


…then he briefly switches with Jungkook


…before V charges forward!


V’s charisma that day was undeniable…


…and each move he made was bursting with power.


At the time, V wasn’t officially part of the dance line, but after seeing this, many fans wondered why!


V became a lead dancer in 2018, and no one can say he didn’t earn it! Check out the whole performance here: