BTS V Didn’t Always Dream Of Being An Idol, Here’s What He Actually Wanted To Be

Though it would break his fans hearts if he’d followed through with it, BTS V’s dream was to be something entirely different from an idol.


A recent post on an online community dove into V’s softer, warmer side that’s often hidden behind his sharp, charismatic look.


They revealed that in contrast to his cool exterior, V often shows his love and affection for his nieces and nephews, animals, and his dog Soonsim.


Even his musical tastes are uncharacteristaclly soft, given his love for jazz and the classics.


His records show that he’s in fact very serious about his personal artistic expression and ambitions.


But, believe it or not, the handsome and regal V originally wanted to be a farmer!


Here’s hoping that V will soon have his day to do anything he likes.

Source: Dispatch