BTS’s V Reveals The Difference Between Real Self Kim Taehyung And Stage Persona V

They may look the same, but V shared why they’re so different.

When BTS‘s V is onstage, he has such a massive stage presence that it’s hard to tear your eyes away from him. When he’s offstage, he’s intriguing in an entirely different way.

Through Break The Silence: The Movie, he revealed what truly sets V apart from his real self Kim Taehyung.

Since V is a persona, he can fuse parts of different personalities to shape him. “I think…V can show parts of Kim Taehyung and parts of V.

Naturally, that wasn’t the same case for his real self: “But, Kim Taehyung can’t show V.” He then dived into the specifics of what set both sides of himself apart from the other.

While V’s stage persona is sure of himself and overflowing with charisma, his real self V is much softer:

Kim Taehyung is Kim Taehyung. Kim Taehyung is someone who’s still filled with a lot of curiosity. And, he’s inquisitive about a lot of things.

— V

Kim Taehyung is open to experiencing and learning all that he can: “There are many things he wants to do. There are still many things he’s curious about.

On the flip side, stage persona V has a specific goal in mind: “As for V, you know how every song has its own mood? I want to become someone who knows how to meld into a song.

Just because he’s a persona, that doesn’t mean V can’t keep peel back his layers to show his versatility. “So V may be one persona, but he should be able to show various parts of himself. When I’m on stage, I want to show as much of V as possible.

Whether he’s being himself or tapping into V, all the different sides of him are what makes him who he is.