V’s Dog Yeontan Just Made His Singing Debut…Sort Of

The 8th member of BTS “featured” on this new track.

Out of the way, people! The 8th member of BTS has arrived!


V‘s dog Yeontan is a celebrity in his own right. He’s fluffy, he’s fabulous, and he even has his own fandom. Some Yeontan fans go by “Tannies”, others go by “Yeonstans” or “Hoomans”, but one thing they all have in common is their unwavering love for this precious pooch.


Over the years, many people (and pets) have been BTS’s honorary “8th” member, but ARMYs just took the joke to new heights for Yeontan.


On June 20, BTS dropped their new BTS WORLD OST track, “All Night”. To make this fresh hip-hop track happen, RM and Suga teamed up with Juice WRLD…and Yeontan?


At one point in the song, high pitched barking can be heard in the background. Many fans say that Suga is the one barking, but others have jokingly said it’s Yeontan making his debut.


The barking in “All Night” does sound very similar to Yeontan’s, so if this theory gets confirmed, we won’t be surprised!