BTS’s V Dragged “Dora The Explorer” And ARMY Says She Had It Coming

Fans didn’t expect a V x Dora interaction, but here we are.

There are two kinds of people: those who despise Dora and those who are pretending not to despise Dora.

Just kidding! Dora is the beloved protagonist from Dora the Explorer, an American children’s show that began airing in 2000 and continues to this day. This adventurous little girl embarks on quests and takes viewers along for the ride.

| Dora the Explorer/Nickelodeon

During the show, Dora frequently breaks the fourth wall to ask viewers questions then pauses to “hear” their answers. It doesn’t matter what viewers say, however, because Dora’s answers are pre-recorded. This has led to a running joke that Dora doesn’t give a fox what viewers think. She’ll disregard everybody’s opinions and make her own choices!

It turns out that like many viewers, BTS‘s has a problem with Dora’s attitude.

On Weverse, V recently chatted with fans about a number of kids’ TV shows, including Dora the Explorer. 

When a fan asked V if he had watched the show, he said, “Dora the Explorer is a show with rhetorical questions, [she] let us choose answers then did what she wanted anyway.” 

These fans are loving how he “dragged” Dora, and they couldn’t agree more!

Well, it looks like there won’t be a V x Dora collab in the future!