BTS’s V Is On His Way To Becoming Fluent In English

Is there anything he can’t do?

BTS‘s is already a man of many talents, but he’s adding another one to his list!


Over the past nine years, BTS has gradually been learning English, a notoriously difficult language. Even native speakers find it frustrating! For example, “read,” “live,” “wound,” and “tear” all have at least two different pronunciations and two different meanings.


By studying, traveling, watching TV shows, and conversing with English speakers, BTS’s skills have improved greatly.

| WIRED/YouTube

J-Hope, who took English lessons last year, noticed V’s improvements at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs.) While driving to the red carpet, J-Hope and V practiced their interview answers.

“Taehyung, you don’t use a script anymore, right? You can actually speak English,” J-Hope said, a bit teasingly.

Well, V isn’t fluent yet, but he can memorize English words just as fast as he memorizes new choreography. That’s impressive!

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