BTS Once “Exposed” V For His Unique Sleeping Habit

Suga thinks V’s sleeping habit is “amazing.”

The BTS members have no problem “exposing” each other on broadcasts, and they once decided to “expose” V for his unique sleeping habit.

BTS’s Jimin

During an interview in 2015, the members were asked, “BTS still lives together. While you all live under the same roof, what interesting things have happened?” BTS shared that V occasionally sleepwalks.

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Jimin said there are also times where V would talk in his sleep. There are even times when V would start saying he wants to order naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles) while sleeping!

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Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles)

While some of the members were aware of V’s unique sleeping habit, V himself didn’t know about it.

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At times V would be sleeping and then suddenly start waking up J-Hope to ask him to order some naengmyeon!

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Once this was revealed, Suga said that V’s sleeping habit is “amazing.”

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Here’s the full video below!