A Fan Asked BTS’s V to Change One Thing, His Reaction Was Absolutely Hilarious

“I love everything about you, but I’d like you to fix one thing.”

BTS recently held a fan signing in Sinchon, Seoul, where they spent time making eye contact with fans, putting on various headwear and engaging in pleasant conversation.

Among all the members, V is receiving particular attention for a conversation he had with one of his fans while wearing a Toy Story alien hat.

One fan went up to V and complimented him on everything she loved about him and BTS’s new album.

But she also made a serious request by asking, “I love everything about you, but I’d like you to fix one thing.

In response, V showed a little bit of surprise as he responded with, “Oh, what is it? Tell me.

The fan then said, “My heart” and made V completely taken aback and embarrassed.

What followed was V dropping his head, pulling his hat over his face and begging, “Please don’t be like that.

The way he responded was so adorable that it’s bound to make any viewer smile along with them.

Check out V’s adorable reaction to his fan’s joke below:


Source: Insight


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