A BTS Fan Tricked Twitter Into Simping For Their “Grandpa,” V

“Can I date your great grandpa?”

Stan Twitter is always ready to risk it all for BTS, but even non-K-Pop fans fell hard for “Grandpa V!”


Back in 2020, a user by the name of edy zoldyck posted two photos, comparing himself at age 16 to his great grandfather at 16. The tweet went viral, receiving thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

One commenter was an ARMY, who decided to share this edited photo of V. Fans recognized this dashing gentleman right away, but other users were seeing “Great Grandpa V” for the first time.

Naturally, they couldn’t help noticing how strikingly handsome “great grandzaddy” was.

In fact, some people were more than willing to become that ARMY’s new step-grandparent, not realizing that this “grandpa” is, in reality, still in his twenties.

This Twitter user hit the nail right on the head, but it’s nothing to cry about!

One day, V will be grandpa-aged, but we still have many more years with this young, shining star!