BTS’s V Gives Fans This Heartwarming Message About Their Music

Listen up, ARMYs!

In a recent live stream, BTS‘s RM and V sat down to talk to fans before performing at Music Bank about how they’re doing during their current promotions and to send messages of kindness and encouragement to ARMYs.

V vocalized his happiness about how their recent music videos and album are doing, which should come as no surprise, given how many records they’ve been breaking left and right.

He also brought up how excited and proud he is to be part of the OST for the popular drama Itaewon Class, and credits his growing skills as a composer for allowing him to have such an opportunity. He added on that he’s also prepared two other solo songs when not busy promoting.

However, V made a point to bring up that although it’s been nice to break so many records and see BTS doing so well, what he really wants fans to focus on is how they feel when they listen to their music, as he wants their songs to be healing and comforting for ARMYs. Rather than worry so much about ranking high on charts and winning awards, he wants fans to remember why they’re listening to their music in the first place – for the feelings that it gives them.

RM chimed in that since they’ve already broken so many records, it’s no longer important for them to try to keep getting better, and they’re just happy to release music that they love and hope that fans love as well.  What a sweet message!