BTS’s V Once Told Fans To Stop Taking Pictures Of Him… But The Reason Is Actually Really Sweet

V was a little “upset.”

At fansigns, it’s quite common for fans to come and take many pictures of the idols. BTS‘s V once decided to talk about this.

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At a fansign, V noticed many fans were taking pictures and that he couldn’t see their faces due to them holding cameras. V then told the fans that it was good they were taking a lot of pictures, but rather than seeing the cameras, he would prefer to see their faces!

| Rin Woo/YouTube

The fans said yes to V, but they continued taking pictures, which caused V to show an adorable “upset” reaction.

| Rin Woo/YouTube

V then threw in a joke that he thought all the fans looked the same since they had a camera covering their face.

| Rin Woo/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!