BTS’s V Once Revealed His Father’s Request That He Can Never Turn Down

V and RM also spoke about how their families react to their status!

BTS‘s V loves his father dearly, and he once revealed the request that his father makes that he can never turn down.


On tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, RM and V were asked if their families had changed or remained the same after they reached success. RM shared that his family constantly reads and watches the news to be up-to-date on BTS’s activities. RM also laughingly shared that his family often sends him messages like, “When did you go here?

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RM also shared that his family often tells him things like, “Oh, our star is here! Aigo~

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When V was asked if his parents do the same thing, he shared that they do. V also laughingly shared that when he visits his parents, his father often brings a table with supplies and says, “My friend’s daughter is your fan, so… Can you sign your autograph for her?

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RM and V are extremely appreciative of their families, and MCs Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho laughingly shared that if BTS were their children, they would brag quite a bit!

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Here’s the full video below!