BTS V’s Favorite Food Is “Asparagus Gooey” But It’s Not What That Sounds Like

Sounds gooey!

During their Radio Disney interview, BTS members each took turns revealing their favorite meals from across the world. Some of the menu items up for discussion included burgers, pasta, and steak. When it came time for V to share his selection, however, his answer gave everyone a good hearty laugh.


As soon as his turn came, without hesitation, V answered, “Asparagus-gooey”. His fellow teammates cracked up because V made the “gooey” part sound like the actual English word “gooey”.


But “Gooey (구이)” in Korean simply means “roasted”. So V’s favorite food, at least what he meant to say, was “roasted asparagus”. While he didn’t know the English word “roasted” to give his answer in full English, he surely made it sound like he did.


RM, the designated official-unofficial BTS English teacher, stepped up to fix the situation and taught V how to say “roasted”.


As soon as he had the vocabulary added to his system, V put it to use. He looked straight into the camera and said his favorite food from around the world is “asparagus roasted”. And V’s a-dork-able smirk, added casually at the end, definitely made this the best V moment in the entire interview!


— RM


And that, ARMY friends, is how the fans’ newest food obsession also became “Asparagus, Roasted.”


Watch the full clip here: