BTS’s V Thought His First Impression On Jimin Was Embarrassing—It Was The Complete Opposite

Jimin won’t let him forget about it.

Although BTS debuted seven years ago in 2013 and met each other years before that, they remember the important moments they shared from that time.

Among those memorable moments is the very first time they met each member. For Jimin, he can’t forget what happened when he ran into V. It’s actually a memory Jimin won’t let him forget either.

During the group’s latest Japanese interview, they recalled their first meetings and what they’d thought about each other. Just like it was yesterday, Jimin remembered V’s flashy outfit—or rather the lack thereof.

While Jimin hadn’t been expecting a sexy outfit that showed off his body, V wore nothing except red underwear and a matching red hat. Hearing about it had the rest of the members cracking up, especially J-Hope.

When V attempted to explain why he’d been dressed that way, J-Hope interjected to reveal, “I remember that too.” He didn’t have to worry, though. It caused Jimin to think of him in an even better light.

Jimin reassured V he didn’t have to be embarrassed by the memory. In fact, seeing him dressed that way made Jimin think he was cool. It also made him come to the conclusion he was popular among the trainees.

Despite the fact that Jimin had been initially surprised by V’s outer appearance, it was the start of how he found him fascinating. Without that hilarious moment, they wouldn’t have the valuable friendship that they have now.

Check out Jimin not letting V forget about his flashy yet super cool outfit here.