BTS’s V Looked Out For Jungkook, So He Kindly Returned The Favor

They thought no one would notice, but ARMYs see it all.

BTS recently aired their online showcase Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey for their Japanese album of the same name. On top of performing songs from the album and answering questions, there were sweet moments that cemented just how kind they are to each other.

One of those moments that touched fans involved V looking after Jungkook, who didn’t let it go unnoticed.

During a break in the filming, while they were still holding their microphones, V spotted a problem he could quickly fix.

Since they were wearing all-black suits, pieces of lint or debris easily collected on the fabric. He reached out and brushed some off Jungkook’s arm.

There was another matter he had to take care of. Just like any older brother would, V adjusted the collar of Jungkook’s suit to make sure everything laid flat into place. Of course, Jungkook couldn’t go without returning the favor.

As soon as V settled back into his seat after a job well done, Jungkook paid him the same attention.

Because V didn’t seem to be as covered in lint as Jungkook was, he gently brushed off what his knee. To make sure there was nothing else he could do, he even glanced back to check.

Although big gestures are more noticeable, it’s the little ones that prove how much they value each other.

See the small but sweet moment between Jungkook and V here.