BTS’s V Has Added A New Hidden Talent To His Resume

V’s inner artist jumped out during a shoot.

Once again, BTS‘s is showing the world that there’s no end to his talents!


In addition to singing and dancing on stage, V all excels at photography, painting, fashion, song composition, and much more.


On September 30, BangtanTV released a new behind the scenes video that showcases another hidden talent: flower arranging!


While on set, V entertained himself with a DIY art project of his own making. First, V slipped rose petals into a half-filled water bottle.


Next, he added a rose…


…but he wasn’t quite satisfied with it.


Florist V wanted to add a second rose to the arrangement, but it couldn’t just be any rose. The shape of the flower heads had to perfectly match.


After adding a few more petals, his masterpiece was complete!


Watch the full video here: