BTS’s V Gave His Biggest Pro Gamer Fan A Surprising Compliment… And Some Good Advice

This will warm your heart!

Korean League of Legends team T1 recently guested on Run BTS, and this was quite an exciting moment for one member of the team. T1’s Effort (Lee Sang Ho) is a huge fan of BTS, as he’s signed up to their fanclub and has their lightstick.

Effort even dyed his hair because of BTS’s V! During their appearance on Run BTS, Effort shared that he was inspired by V’s blue hair from the “Boy With Luv” era and that he chose to dye his hair blue because of V.

V’s blue hair from the “Boy With Luv” era

In behind the scenes footage from their appearance on Run BTS, V spoke briefly with Effort about his hair. V began by complimenting Effort on his hair and stated that his hair looked a lot better than this.

| T1/YouTube

V then gave some advice to Effort, as he said that it would be difficult for him to go outside due to the blue hair. The reason is that when Effort starts sweating, then some blue stuff will start falling off.

| T1/YouTube

Due to this inconvenience, V hoped that Effort would get his original hair color back.

| T1/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!