BTS’s V Reveals The Genius Process Behind His Songwriting

V also revealed why he gets “frustrated” when he writes the lyrics before the melody.

The BTS members are known for writing and producing a lot of their music, and during a recent live broadcast, V spoke briefly about his process of writing a song.

V revealed that he usually writes the melody first before the lyrics.

V then shared that he even sometimes writes all the melody before he even begins writing lyrics.

I try to write the lyrics for every note or until that part ends. I write 8 bars of melody, then write lyrics for those 8 bars before I move on. Or I write all the melody before I write the lyrics.

— V

The reason why V writes the melody first is that if he writes the lyrics first, then the melody changes a lot according to the lyrics.

If I write the lyrics first, the melody changes a lot according to the lyrics. So, sometimes I can’t write the melody I want. It’s pretty frustrating. So, I write the melody first.

— V