BTS’s V Broke A Record That Has Nothing To Do With Music

If an award was given for this achievement, V would win it.

The words “BTS” and “record breakers” have become synonymous, and V has recently broken a number of these records all on his own, including one unexpected, personal one.


On January 30, V released “Scenery”, a self-composed song about love and yearning. In its first week, “Scenery” broke a number of major SoundCloud records, including becoming the most-liked SoundCloud song in its first 24-hrs, and the fastest BTS solo to reach 30 million streams.


In addition to these musical milestones, some fans think he deserves an award for something that’s been working just as hard as he has: his hair!


V has had at least 8 different hair colors in only 2 months, which is a new personal record. He started out which chestnut brown hair…


…then bleached it to platinum blonde. This gave V the flexibility to try out bold hues like…


…cherry red…


…which later faded to pink.


V brought back the richest possible red for MAMA


…then went blonde again for the Golden Disk Awards.


From there, he tried out this shocking blue for the Seoul Music Awards


…and made his Grammy Awards debut with this memorable mint. It helped V go viral as the “guy with the green hair“.


Which color will he try out next?