BTS’s V’s Haircut During Their Concert In Riyadh Is A New ARMY Favorite

“This is crazy… He looks like a doll.”

Recently, BTS held a concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the first time. There, V debuted a new hairstyle and fans are in love with it.

It seems V decided to get a little trim and to add a special touch, his hair was curled! Fans say the ‘do makes him look younger and cuter, but still highlight his handsome face. Some have even commented that his face looks thinner with the hairstyle.

People have also commented on how gorgeous he looks with black hair. While he’s sported an array of different colors for BTS’s comebacks, it seems that his natural hair color is still people’s favorite.

After the concert, “the guy with the green mic” went viral, with non-fans hoping to find out who that handsome guy is. Newsflash: It’s V!

Fans hope this hairdo stays, with people noting that it truly suits him well.

This is crazy… He looks like a doll.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo