BTS V Has This Habit With His Hands You May Never Have Noticed Before

Many fans have noticed that V has a habit he always does with his hands during BTS‘s goodbyes.

Every K-Pop group has their own unique official greeting that they use to properly introduce themselves.

BTS’s greeting starts off with their leader, Rap Monster, saying, “2! 3!” before the others join in and say, “Hello, we are BTS.”

As they recite those lines, the BTS members do a gun hand gesture, since their group name translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts,” before bowing politely.

As a goodbye, Rap Monster would say, “This has been BTS. 2! 3!” while the others join in and say, “Thank you” before bowing.

While looking through some past BTS videos, fans noticed some instances where V would accidentally do the gun gesture during the goodbye statements out of habit from hearing Rap Monster’s “2! 3!”

He was the only member who did the hand gesture as he bowed.

In this video, the BTS members talked about a campaign they were joining. As the topic was more serious, the members didn’t greet with the usual gun gesture during the greeting. However, it seems like V had forgotten and can be seen adorably flustered after doing it!

It seems Jimin was about to do the hand gesture one time, too, but stopped himself quickly while V tried his best to seem natural about it.

The adorable move happened again during the 2016 Korean Popular Culture And Arts Awards red carpet as well when they were saying goodbye before exiting.

Looks like this can be added this to the list of BTS’s other adorable habits!