V’s Confession About Being BTS’s “Hidden Member” Will Break Your Heart

V recounted the loneliness he experienced while being the “secret weapon”.

In early 2013, BTS were preparing for the debut that would change their lives, but V‘s “special role” made him feel left out.


Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine BTS without V, but there was a time when the world knew V only as BTS’s “secret weapon”, an undisclosed 7th member who would be revealed much later than the other 6.


In V’s first Bangtan Blog, he confessed that being the “secret weapon” made him feel lonely.


As the “secret weapon”, he couldn’t be included in photos taken at events, like Jungkook‘s middle school graduation.


He also couldn’t be shown in the predebut vlogs BTS used to communicate with their fans.


“When all of the members were shooting for their own logs, I was the only one who couldn’t, so I was very sad,” he wrote.


“When the hyungs were shooting their logs in the studio, I would follow them and shoot my own but I couldn’t upload it.”


“Shooting alone, I would say, ‘Today is this day of this month in 2013. I did this. This probably won’t get released, right? I’m sad.’”


“Even when we shot as a complete group, I wouldn’t be seen on screen but I was sitting next to the trash can.”


When V’s identity was finally revealed, things began to change.


He received a single fan letter that brought him so much joy that he couldn’t stop bragging about it!

“When I was revealed as a member of BTS, I received one letter. I was so happy. I couldn’t sleep until 4am. I read the letter about 15 times and bragged about it a lot to the hyungs.”

— V


Now, six years later, BTS’s “hidden member” has millions of fans, who love him just as much as his members do.


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